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Airplane Launch Week

Airplane Launch Week

Priya Patel
Growth Associate
Oct 12, 2023
2 min read

Welcome to our first launch week! We are excited to announce new features and improvements each day that make building in Airplane a faster, easier, and more secure experience. Check back each day for the latest updates!

Day 1: Pages

Monday, October 30

We are so excited to introduce a preview of Pages, an enhanced and easy-to-use solution for building UIs in Airplane. Check out the links below to see how Pages can help streamline your experience in Airplane:

Day 2: Airplane Postgres

Tuesday, October 31

We are thrilled to announce Airplane Postgres, our first ever managed database powered by Neon. With Airplane Postgres, you can easily provision a Postgres database and use it in your Tasks and Runbooks. Check out the links below to see how you can use Airplane Postgres:

Day 3: Cloud workspaces in Studio

Wednesday, November 1

We are excited to launch cloud workspaces in Studio. With cloud workspaces, you can easily build Tasks directly in your Library without needing to set up a local development environment.

Day 4: Enterprise security and scale

Thursday, November 2

We are proud to announce a suite of new enterprise security features that will help you exceed your most rigorous safety and compliance requirements. These features include service accounts, custom pod patches, self-hosted builds, and more.

Day 5: Customer stories and event highlights

Friday, November 3

For our final day of launch week, we wanted to hand the microphone to our customers to share how they build internal tools in Airplane and spotlight our recent partner events.

It's Launch Week!
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Priya Patel
Growth Associate
Priya is currently a Growth Associate at Airplane. Before that, she was a Strategy Manager at Salesforce.

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