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Template for Admin panel

Admin panel

An internal admin dashboard for looking up customers, editing customer metadata, and editing orders belonging to those customers.

Airplane Postgres, SQL

Template for Customer insights dashboard

Customer insights dashboard

A dashboard that displays product, customer, and order data. Individual customers can be selected to show more specific information.

Airplane Postgres, SQL

Template for Customer relationship management dashboard

Customer relationship management dashboard

A dashboard that displays leads, opportunities and customers. The dashboard tracks touch points and allows operators to move companies through the acquisition funnel.

Airplane Postgres, SQL

Template for Stripe billing dashboard

Stripe billing dashboard

A dashboard that enables you to look up customers in Stripe, view their charges, and refund a charge.

TypeScript, Stripe

Template for GitHub PR dashboard

GitHub PR dashboard

A dashboard that allows you to search for a GitHub user and view details on their open PRs, approved PRs, and PRs assigned to them for review.

TypeScript, GitHub

Template for Support ticket dashboard

Support ticket dashboard

A dashboard that shows customer support conversations and allows you to create support tickets to assign to team members.

SQL, Intercom, Linear

Template for AWS S3 File Explorer

AWS S3 File Explorer

A dashboard that enables you to upload, download, and inspect the S3 Buckets in your AWS account.

TypeScript, AWS

Template for Broken link monitor

Broken link monitor

A task that checks for broken links on a website. It recursively crawls the site, checking links and ensuring that they return a 200 status code.

TypeScript, Docker

Template for Spam signup monitoring

Spam signup monitoring

A task that looks for signups from suspicious domains and flags those users for suspension.

Python, Airplane Postgres, SQL

Template for User impersonation tool

User impersonation tool

A tool that allows an admin to impersonate a user.

TypeScript, Airplane Postgres, SQL, WorkOS

Template for Python selenium example

Python selenium example

A task that demonstrates how to scrape a website in Python using selenium and Firefox.


Template for Database issues alert

Database issues alert

A scheduled script that monitors for database issues such as Postgres TXID wraparound, data integrity issues, and more.

Airplane Postgres, SQL, TypeScript

Template for Feature flagging dashboard

Feature flagging dashboard

A dashboard that allows you to edit features, create new features, and enable or disable features for customers.

Airplane Postgres, SQL

Template for Customer orders ETL

Customer orders ETL

A task that queries and enriches customer orders and syncs the data to snowflake.

Python, Airplane Postgres, SQL, AWS, Snowflake

Template for AWS ECS dashboard

AWS ECS dashboard

List ECS clusters, manage ECS tasks, and perform other AWS operations all in a dashboard that can be completely customized to fit how your organization uses ECS.

Python, AWS

Template for Deployment pipeline dashboard

Deployment pipeline dashboard

A dashboard that allows you to deploy new releases, roll back deploys, and perform restarts seamlessly.

TypeScript, GitHub

Template for Postgres admin panel

Postgres admin panel

An admin panel that enables engineers to configure and control Postgres resources without learning a new CLI.

Airplane Postgres, SQL

Template for AI database explorer

AI database explorer

A tool that uses AI to transform natural language questions into SQL queries that can be run against a database resource.

Airplane Postgres, SQL

Template for Backup database

Backup database

A tool that generates a PostgreSQL database backup and uploads it to AWS S3.

Airplane Postgres, Shell

Template for Feature request ticket creator

Feature request ticket creator

A tool that uses AI to transform a user-specified feature request or bug into a page in a Notion database.

TypeScript, Notion

Template for PDF parser

PDF parser

A tool that uses AI to parse a PDF's contents (in this case, an IRS W-9 form) and extract structured data.


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