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Airplane Usage

Daily usage across 30+ tasks and runbooks

CopyAI is an AI-powered writing and marketing copy platform. In November of 2021, they raised $11M in Series A funding led by Wing Venture Capital and are used by eBay, Zoho, and thousands of other companies.

CopyAI uses Airplane to scale their customer support. They built a suite of integrations that allows them to solve issues across their production database and other systems. Airplane has sped up their response times and streamlined their workflows dramatically.

Issues with customer support at scale

CopyAI uses artificial intelligence to help companies create marketing copy. The company has grown rapidly since its founding in 2021. CopyAI’s Customer Support team is responsible for helping the company’s 750,000+ users with both technical and non-technical support requests daily.

With a large and growing number of users, it became challenging to respond quickly when issues arose. At the same time, they'd been operating with a lean Customer Support team with just one representative. They were overwhelmed by the growing number of requests, and it was becoming difficult to respond in a timely manner. The founders realized that they needed a solution to achieve customer support at scale.

That's when CopyAI cofounder Chris Lu decided to try out Airplane. He immediately noticed how easy it was to spin up Airplane tasks. The platform allowed their team to handle a variety of different customer requests across the company's various internal applications.

Airplane as the solution

Airplane was extremely quick to set up, simple to start building with, and easy to connect to CopyAI's systems. Additionally, the applications built using Airplane could be used by both technical and non-technical folks across the engineering and customer success teams.

Engineers were motivated to use Airplane because it drastically reduced the number of customer support requests they were pulled into, and the customer success team loved Airplane because they were able to quickly resolve support tickets without waiting on engineers. Finally, Airplane was easy to integrate into their existing customer support software, leading to an efficient support process with an improved user experience across the board.

CopyAI has 30+ tasks and runbooks to execute a variety of customer support operations including:

  • Adding and removing users from workspaces
  • Extending free trials and updating customer plans
  • Banning and unbanning users
  • Looking up users and workspaces by metadata
  • Identifying failed webhooks
  • Updating user roles
  • Updating billing and product information

Airplane enables CopyAI to automate a number of their internal workflows so their engineering team can focus on building a great product for their customers. Since Airplane provides infrastructure management, audit logs, permissions, schedules, and more, CopyAI can handle more customers simultaneously while still maintaining product velocity and providing high-quality support.

Using Airplane, they've been able to scale their customer support operations to support hundreds of thousands of customers. “Airplane has been crucial for us. It helps automate our most common support tasks and has saved countless hours of work for our engineering and support teams.”

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